Townsville & James Cook University Rowing Club Inc.

Social Rowing

There is a very active social rowing scene within the Club. Many members regularly row in social crews, and the Club also organises a variety of social events during the year.

Saturday & Sunday Club Sessions - These sessions have a social bent and are great opportunity for social rowers to mix in with competitive rowers. Saturday mornings meet at 5.15 am and Sundays at 6.00 am. Please contact the Head Coach if you need more information.

Big Boat Breakfasts are well attended by all members and focus on getting out big boats, eights and fours or quads. Crews are selected by the drawing names from a hat then line up at the 500m mark for "splash & giggle" racing. Often run to coincide with the graduation of Learn to Row course participants, these breakfasts are a great way to get to know people. Coffee and a smorgasboard is consumed on the banks of the Ross River as the sun soars high on another glorious day in tropical Townsville.

Glowing Rowing is a great excuse for some levity in the lead up to Christmas. Boats and rowers are festooned with lights and glow-sticks then, as light fades, glowing "Christmas tree" boats are seen gliding along the Ross River. Much to the delight (and perhaps bemusement) of those walking the river banks and the passing traffic. Of course, such an event is not complete without post-row refreshments.