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Step 1/6: Let's get started
Step 1/6: Let's get started

Returning member

  • Scroll down, select 'Returning Member', find your existing profile, check/update your details, enter your credit or debit card details (membership fees must be paid by card), and submit your membership application form. Rowing Qld and Rowing Australia are sent their portion of the fees automatically. 

New member

  • Rowed before: Contact the Registrar to arrange a free trial row before you join. You don't have to be the world's best rower but we do need to check you are capable of the basics. 
  • Want to learn: Those new to rowing are required to complete a Learn to Row course. When ready to enrol scroll down, select 'New Member' and complete the form, payment is by credit or debit card. If needed, contact the Registrar to find out more.


Fee Classes

If you're looking for a payment class that's listed in the fee schedule that's not available on the website, such as visiting member classes, Email Irene


The Club has a no refunds policy on all Membership fees. This may be determined on a case-by-case basis by the management committee. 


Have your card handy as payment is required in order to submit the membership application form. Membership fees must be paid by Credit or Debit card as Rowing Qld and Rowing Australia are sent their portions automatically by the system. Be aware fees are non-refundable -- except at the Management Committee's discretion in special circumstances. Costs shown in the Fee Structure and application form are GST-inclusive and must be paid by credit/debit card online. An additional merchant fee is applied during the online payment process to cover charges imposed by the providers of our membership system and card services. Refer to the final payment screen in the card payment process to see the overall total cost.

Application form

You must complete the online membership application form and pay all fees before the Club will consider your application. Only T&JCU Members can access the Club boathouse and equipment. This applies to all rowers, coaches and coxswains including members of schools rowing programs.  

  • We recommend using a computer -- harder to navigate on a phone. 
  • Type carefully -- proper use of capital letters and spaces, correct birth date (Proof of age documentation must be supplied)
  • Parents of under-18 school rowers please include a parent email address in the 'Additional email addresses' field to ensure you receive a copy of invoices and other key information.
  • Our Medical Officer is Dr Martin McGahan, General Practitioner. In some instances he may contact you directly to discuss information you provide. 

Usage Policy

Access and use, or causing access and use, of this computer system by anyone other than as permitted by Townsville & JCU Rowing Club is strictly prohibited by Townsville & JCU Rowing Club. Unauthorised users may be subject to criminal and civil penalties. Townsville & JCU Rowing Club Committee members should be familiar with the confidentiality, privacy and communications policies related to this system. The use of this system is routinely monitored and recorded, and anyone accessing this system consents to such monitoring and recording.

All membership fees must be paid online by either credit card or debit card. A processing fee of $50 per membership will be applied if this process is not followed.